Statutory Reporting and Corporate Tax Returns

Timely and professional corporate-friendly services are available from EASi Accounting Services Ltd. Our experienced team of accountants are more than happy to take on the vital but time-consuming jobs, from statutory reporting to corporation tax returns, that have to be done for your business.

VAT Returns

All businesses with sales subject to VAT — including supplies that are zero-rated — that totals more than £81,000, within the previous 12 months, must be registered for VAT. This also applies to businesses that expect to exceed £81,000 in the upcoming 30 days.

If you are registered for VAT you must notify HMRC precisely how much you have bought and sold plus the VAT on purchases and sales — including zero-rated items — each quarter. We provide you with the exact numbers and submit returns online each quarter thereby ensuring you are refunded as soon as possible (or pay your dues before deadlines thus avoiding penalties.)

Self-Assessment Returns

If you have any form of income that is not taxed under the PAYE scheme, you probably need to complete a self-assessment return. Our team helps to ensure your return is correct and on time.

Corporation Tax Return

Limited companies are required to pay taxes on profits. You are required to submit your tax return within 12 months of your financial year-end, and pay any tax due within 9 months of the financial year-end. Our team calculates this information for you, and so you’re assured of accurate returns.

Annual Audits

In most cases, companies with a turnover of less than £6.5 million and a balance sheet total of less than £2.8 million are exempt from audit. All companies not meeting these parameters require an annual audit. We prepare accounts together with all required lead schedules ready for audit by your appointed external auditors. We host the audit and liaise with the auditors on all aspects of the accounts.

HMRC Audits

From time to time, HMRC audits your VAT and PAYE records. By using our services, you’re assured such records are always complete and compliant. We liaise with the HMRC auditors at all times and provide all required records and information.

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